Guest Post: Why the E2 Conference Matters

The following is a guest post by Romi Mahajan. Mahajan’s work on network intelligence and sincere marketing has been mentioned in several other blog posts. Here, Mahajan talks about the importance of certain abiding themes in enterprise level business and which ones will be discussed at E2.

Over the last few years, certain themes have taken over the collective imagination of technology and business professionals including:

• The Rise of Cloud Computing
• The Advent of “Social Business”
• The Flock to Mobile
• The Opportunities provided by Big Data

That these themes have become dominant is not simply happenstance – they are a product of the tectonic shifts in business and technology. Through scientists’ and engineers’ flights of imagination, these enabling ideas were invented and made possible. It is now up to all of us to make them stick, to make sense of them, and most importantly apply them to the way we conduct business.

Which brings me to my excitement about the upcoming E2 Conference in Boston; there, we’ll find the right combination of the high-level views of the changing world of enterprise software and the “practical” view of ways in which each of us is implicated in this sea-change.

I’d suggest you join me there.

Romi Mahajan is president of KKM Group. Prior to joining KKM, Mahajan was chief marketing officer of Ascentium Corp. A well-known speaker on the technology and media circuit, he serves on a variety of advisory boards and speaks at more than a dozen industry events per year.

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