Growing Needs, Limited Resources: 3 Reasons Crowdsourcing is Of An Age to Best Serve Nonprofits

4285422258_926b869b36_oHere’s an interesting piece of information:

For eight years in a row, the majority of nonprofits surveyed by Guidestar reported an increase in demand for their services. At the same time, the Nonprofit Finance Fund reported that a weak economy was impacting nearly every nonprofit’s operations. 

Nonprofits, in spite of being an employer of nearly 10% of America’s workforce, often have to face daunting challenges in order to deliver the quality of services that the public requires. And although the practice of crowdsourcing is far from new, it has now acquired a maturity that empowers nonprofits that use it with a new instrument of efficiency in the face of these challenges. Why?

1.    We are in a digital age

The United States has reached nearly 80% internet penetration in its population and all of the crowdsourcing processes are available online: voting, suggestions, information sharing, feedback, etc.

2.    Micro-everything is now practical

Micro-giving, micro-financing, micro-volunteering. Chunking up the work and assigning it to a remote task force is now not only possible, it is practical. A lot of the smaller tasks that the crowd would like to assist with is possible from a desk and in the small chunks of the day that would otherwise be unoccupied.

3.    Transparency is the expectation

Whether it’s for-profit or non-profit, the public wants to believe that they have a clear view of what’s going on in an organization. They want to be able to have insights and they want to be able to access that information at any time. Because of digital maturity and the ubiquity of the practice, the audience is ready to engage at all times.

For these reasons and many more, crowdsourcing is now uniquely suited to serve the nonprofit sector. We hope you’ll join our complimentary webinar on the subject and we’ll take some time to explore how Cerebral Palsy Alliance (in specific) is innovating and improving with the help of the crowd. Register here.

How can the crowd serve your non-profit? How do you think crowdsourcing will continue to evolve?

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