Get Your Innovation Fitness Score [Quiz]

Innovation fitness surveyHave you been wondering if your fitness innovation level is high enough to thrive in today’s fast paced global economy? Wonder no longer! Now you can answer ten quiz questions and find out.

After entering your company size and industry, the quiz will ask you to rate your company from 1 (Low) to 5 (High) in relation to ten questions. Some of the questions ask about the role of leadership in innovation within your company, the ease of presenting and testing new ideas for employees, and level of dissemination on market trends throughout the company. One of the most important things these questions are trying to gauge is the opportunities for innovation that are available for employees, including possibility for inter-departmental collaboration and access to online tools for submitting, developing, and evaluating new ideas. After all, the presence—or lack thereof—within an organization speaks highly to the potential for innovation.

Another big subject the quiz is attempting to determine is the leadership’s investment in innovation. By asking about the level to which market trends, customer insights, and technological developments are shared throughout the company, the quiz can determine how primed the company is for innovation. Likewise, questioning whether leadership inspires employees to bring their creative best, and whether management has innovation targets, accomplish the same goal.

Following answer submissions, the results include a percentage score, as well as suggestions for increasing fitness based on the topics where your organization was not as strong. The suggestions cover categories from innovation to collaborative culture to management accountability. Further, before the results page, takers are able to receive a complimentary excerpt from Creating Value with CO-STAR: An Innovation Toolkit for Pitching and Perfecting Your Brilliant Idea from Laszlo Gyorffy and Lisa Friedman.

To find your innovation fitness score, click here to take the quiz.

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