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ImageAs you know, this Wednesday is our complimentary webinar: The ROI on Rewards: When To Add Incentives to Your Campaign. 

We’ll be talking about how to gamify your approach to network intelligence communities and what sort of motivation can generate better ideas and participation. But over the past few weeks, we’ve been thinking a lot about how varied different incentives can be.

One of our favorite rewards is obviously the President’s SAVE Award. After federal employees have submitted their ideas and the public has voted on those ideas and after the OMB has narrowed down the finalist to the top idea, the winner gets to come to Washington to present their idea to the President. The real award is not just meeting the President, but also the honor of having made such a difference as well. Two ideas (by themselves) have already saved the government over $42 million.

Another example is Manor, Texas – a small town that has introduced “innobucks.” Citizens that submit ideas or review and comment on ideas, earn innobucks that can be exchanged for various rewards, like a ride-along with the Chief of Police or dinner with the city mayor.

And, of course, Kickstarter has helped pave the way for rewards that are both creative and help evangelize the product/project. A woman traveling around the world offers pictures of herself at various tourist points, a man creating his own short film offers an exclusive discount on the purchase of his DVD.

But, the real reward is often simply recognition or participating in the community. How do we honor those ideas? What sort of encouragement takes place in order to value innovation? This alone can often make a difference with 69% of employees saying that they would work harder if they were better recognized. This goes for sharing innovation, as well.

What sort of incentives do you offer? Want to know more about how to incentivize your innovation program? Join us by registering here for our webinar:

The ROI on Rewards: When To Add Incentives to Your Campaign
Wednesday, January 9th, 2013
9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. PST

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