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Connect to employees, customers, stakeholders and others in feedback forums that help make open innovation possible.

What is a feedback forum?

At its most fundamental – a feedback forum is a place where communication and collaboration takes place that helps to improve products, processes, organizations, and markets.

IdeaScale allows anyone to create a feedback forum to engage with end users and employees. Open Innovation draws upon the experience and knowledge base of an entire network for the development and growth of ideas. Non-profit and government organizations, colleges and universities, small and large enterprises can all benefit from an open innovation through a feedback forum approach for successful growth, rebranding, and improving. A feedback forum can take place through specific in-person interviews, but it can also be expensive and utilize a lot of resources.

An IdeaScale feedback forum is a community that is available for free to any organization. It can be launched in just a few clicks, but allows for an unlimited amount of users who can contribute an unlimited number of ideas. Those users can then vote on the ideas of others to surface some of the best ideas. On the back-end, the subscription licenses to IdeaScale include other features that help further sort the ideas within the feedback forum that might be most relevant to that organization.

How does the IdeaScale feedback forum work?

Organizations launch an IdeaScale community that is configured to their process of data collection and development. That organization then socializes a link to that community throughout that network for either ongoing or time-limited questions. From there, the crowd begins to share ideas on this feedback forum that can be evaluated and routed to experts on the back-end who can help bring those ideas to fruition. Many authors and researchers have even stated that the work of the crowd yields more valuable ideas and insights than hiring a team of consultants would. Additionally, this process is less costly in numerous ways than the traditional feedback forum.

Custom Integration

IdeaScale’s development team will work to integrate with any team’s software and needs.

Idea Ownership

Idea ownership allows community members to volunteer to research and implement ideas.

Social Media Integration

Every community can integrate directly with social platforms so that ideas and activity can be shared.

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