Every Step of the Innovation Journey

Innovation JourneyInnovation is a cyclical initiative. It’s like the laundry or the dishes. The innovation journey is never done, you just get better at doing it. And maybe you become more efficient as time goes on.

We’ve seen lots of passionate innovation champions encounter barriers as they launched their innovation initiatives. These programs fail to launch for a number of reasons: because people can’t align around a process, because people aren’t sure which ideas they should move forward with, because they didn’t engage the right stakeholders in order to guarantee idea implementation.

So last year, IdeaScale created a six-video series that addresses all the major points in the innovation journey’s cycle to help innovators foresee and overcome some of the most common barriers throughout the innovation lifecycle. Those topics include:

It’s amazing how many people stall out on that first step: selecting a problem. Obviously, no organization lacks for problems to solve or new opportunities for efficiency, but when it comes to getting to the root cause of an issue, putting a person at the center of that experience, and amassing all of the information aligned around that issue, teams sometimes lose focus or churn over what sorts of solutions would provide the most value. That’s why we recommend starting your innovation journey with the “How to Pick the Right Problems to Solve” webinar and moving on from there. It’s an easy four-step strategy to get you to identify business needs that can be solved with impactful solutions. Not only will you find your first campaign that way, but you’ll set yourself for solutions that you can actually implement!

View the full library of IdeaScale webinars on a variety of subjects (from idea pitching to customer stories).

This webinar series is now packaged for customers in the form of the IdeaScale Strategy Academy. Ask your account manager about how to gain access to the full course. Completion of the entire course comes with an Official IdeaScale Innovation Management Certificate. This is a great way for you to brush up on your innovation management skills. Share this course with your colleagues to build a fully skilled Innovation Team. 
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