Engaging Citizens for Positive Change: Ideavibes Introduces IdeaScale May 28th, 10 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. PST

Ideavibes introduces IdeaScaleIn every government, at every level, the collective actions of citizen groups are enhancing community participation, spurring change, and promoting transparency. With the advent of collaborative media and social networks, it is even easier to benefit from the actions of the engaged crowd along with the additional advantages of meeting these goals more rapidly, at a lower cost, while enhancing overall messaging capabilities.

Hosted by IdeaScale and featuring Paul Dombowsky, founder of Ideavibes, and Audrey Zuro, from IdeaScale’s Innovation Account Development Team, this complimentary webinar will include:

  • an introduction to the opportunities presented by crowdsourced citizen engagement
  • methods of handling crowd challenges
  • functionality within the IdeaScale platform that facilitates the rapid deployment of citizen engagement programs.

In addition, attendees will be invited to participate in a live question and answer session at the end of the presentation.

Join us and register for this complimentary webinar today.

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