Employee Idea Crowdsourcing and Feedback: Why You Should Be Doing It

Employee crowdsourcing

Ready for a new Conversation with your Employees?

Employee crowdsourcing is the cornerstone of any forward-thinking organization, making candid employee feedback the greatest asset an organization can tap into.

A tactic that was once limited to pen and paper exit interviews, the early days of employee feedback served little to no value to the organization while the employee was a part of the team. Why not start that conversation earlier by tapping into your most profitable investment?

Why should I Crowdsource Feedback from Employees?

Employees function on the front lines of any business, giving them a rare opportunity to marry the forecasted needs of a business with its current capabilities and practices, regardless of your industry or line of work.

Businesses that focus on collecting employee feedback to solve their problems and generate solutions to longstanding problems have a rich asset when driving their organizational innovation.

“When both customers and employees are actively engaged, organizations experience a 240 percent rise in performance-related business outcomes.”

Businesses that tap into their workforce will be able to look for product development ideas, budget management ideas, process improvements, new planning initiatives, and much, much more. Without a means of digitally collecting this employee feedback, it will be very difficult not only to collect that data, but also to manage it. IdeaScale allows organization of any size to connect and to steward this feedback into meaningful organizational change that will serve the future of the business.

Employee crowdsourcing stems beyond collecting ideas, it is a part of a continuous dialog that gives your employees a voice by seeing their visions enacted. After all, your collective team of designers, developers, and administrators joined your team to create, not just to receive direction.  When employee crowdsourcing is used by company leaders the input they receive has been filtered through the reality of their work environment, expertise, and vision. The more varied in your crowdsourcing, the more comprehensive the feedback will be. Your company will gain insight about its ability to be innovative by having an honest look about growth opportunities and internal limitations that may be holding your business back.  Through crowdsourcing, you’ll be fostering a truly collaborative work environment.

You Reap What You Sow

Have you ever seen company leaders push forward a concept without having any idea if their team can actualize the plan? This has been a trend in businesses for years. It lends itself to poor decision making and a hierarchical work environment. Forbes magazine wrote, “by crowdsourcing decisions in your organization, you can leverage the input, ideas, and diverse thinking of others to make healthier choices. And when both customers and employees are actively engaged, organizations experience a 240 percent rise in performance-related business outcomes.” Crowdsourcing has a direct and positive relation to empowering your employees and making them feel valued. When leaders of companies take a step back and listen, the result is pure magic.

An online employee suggestion box is one of the most effective ways to elicit feedback from your staff. IdeaScale is a simple way to start: your employees can leave anonymous feedback or publicly suggest ideas that anyone can build on (or that only management can see if you decide to do closed campaigns). All of the ideas, comments, votes, team members, research, reviews, comparisons, and other data are amassed online, weighted and visible only to the appropriate members so that those on the front lines are the ones that are giving you the best advice. These suggestions are often the information that a company needs to redefine its direction and flourish.
IdeaScale is innovation software that is constantly used as a source for employee crowdsourcing & feedback.

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