Do You Hate Fun and Bangin’? Don’t Read this Post.

bwfmobileIn a unique opportunity, IdeaScale had the chance to interview the mystery CEOs of the much-talked-about, upstart start-up Bang with Friends whose mobile application went live last week.

In case you missed it, Bang with Friends is an application that allows you to discretely select people from your Facebook friends list who you would bang with (or hang with). No one knows that they’ve been chosen until that friend chooses you back and you both simultaneously receive a notification. The rest, as they say, is up to you.

The CEOs’ saucy attitude continues to come across in their answers to our interview questions that remain as frank and unphased by the nature of their product (as you’d expect). They may have been criticized and praised for their new product, but whatever they might say, we think BWF is here to stay.

IS: Do you think of BWF as dressed-down crowdsourcing (pick as many bangs as possible in hopes of the right one)? Is BWF just crowdsourcing a bang?

BWF: That’s perhaps the most interesting description of the “shotgun approach” strategy some people utilize.  Fortunately, it’s not real crowdsourcing on the bangs (so the crowd doesn’t get to choose who you bang)!

IS: Do you think it’s more likely that users will get laid using your tool than using “old fashioned” 1-1 methods?

BWF: Absolutely!  We recommend a healthy dose of existing strategies plus using Bang With Friends to help uncover those friends-with-benefits opportunities!

IS: Have any relationships formed as a result of BWF hook-ups?

BWF: Hell yes!  We’ve heard from lots of people who ended up forming relationships beyond just friends-with-benefits arrangements.  The best relationships are where your partner is a good friend as well.  Mix in some great sex and you have a recipe for success.

IS: What should a user’s motto be on Bang with Friends? “Looking for the right bang” or “always be banging”?

BWF: We’ll let our users decide what fits them best.  Bang With Friends is about cutting through the BS, and that includes not telling our users what they should be looking for.

IS: Is there anyone who shouldn’t bang with friends?

BWF: People who hate fun and banging?  Oh, and we restrict users to ages 18 and up, so anyone who doesn’t meet that requirement.

IS: What does your mom think of Bang with Friends?

BWF: My parents took a bit to process it, but are ultimately very supportive.  After all, I got here somehow!

IS: What’s the question that you’re shocked no one has asked you yet?

BWF: Who was the most bangin’ reporter to interview you?

IS: Who was the most bangin’ reporter to interview you?

BWF: You, of course! 😉

Looking forward to seeing what’s next in the Bang with Friends universe. Curious to learn more? You can check out the app here.

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