Crowdsourcing Storm Solutions

Crowdsourcing Storm SolutionsWe are in the peak of hurricane season here in the US and numerous people are recovering from the loss and destruction in the wake of Hurricane Florence. With scientists predicting that climate change will only intensify storms and other extreme weather, we thought that it might be a good idea to look to the crowd for solutions when it came to hurricanes and their impacts. Here are a few places where the crowd might be able to help.

Crowdsourcing Climate Change Solutions. There are numerous scientists, researchers, and inventive citizens with creative ideas about how to build a more sustainable future. In the US, 16 states, Puerto Rico, hundreds of cities and nearly 2,000 businesses are committed to honoring Paris Agreement standards, but how we get there is still up in the air. The crowd has grid solutions, battery storage ideas, and more. Incidentally, IdeaScale offers our software free of charge to any organization that would like to use it to run a climate solution challenge.

Crowdsourcing Disaster Response Ideas. Last year, the Coast Guard used its IdeaScale community to share, develop, and collaborate on solutions born out of the responses to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. This included sharing best practices used to rescue those impacted by the storms. Those ideas informed the heroic rescue efforts of the Coast Guard this year in Hurricane Florence. This approach could be used by other cities, businesses, and government organizations.

Crowdsourcing Relief. We’ve already covered how the power of crowdfunding can help those looking to recover after a disaster. That relief can be for small businesses, individuals, and communities and considering the range of damages – from medical expenses to property loss and more.

IdeaScale is proud to work with the United Way and we’re proud to promote their efforts to contribute to the recovery following Florence. We’ve donated to their Hurricane Relief Program and now we want to take the opportunity to invite you to join us and do the same. 100% of individual donations given to these hurricane funds will be distributed to the affected areas.

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