Crowdsourcing Challenge Software

Crowdsourcing challenge software

What is Crowdsourcing Challenge Software?

Crowdsourcing challenge software is a way of solving a problem within your company by hosting a competitive challenge among designers, programmers, and other artists. At IdeaScale, administrators help your company launch a community that helps you to address ongoing innovation, challenges, and existing problems. Ideas are generated within this network that helps your vision go to the next level. Crowdsourcing challenge software takes crowdsourcing to the next level by offering a tangible incentive to your network of innovators –it’s a win-win platform.

What are the Benefits of Crowdsourcing Challenge Software?

The company itself and the network of innovators that contribute to the crowdsourcing challenge software benefit from this approach to innovation. The company benefits by acquiring an endless pool of ideas on how to approach a problem. Often times these ideas, strategies, and inventions lend way to new products that could not have generated internally. The network or team of individuals is compensated with prizes, monetary awards, or given professional credit for generating new ideas that are then green lit to the execution stage. Whether these networks are comprised of students or established professionals, there is a mutual exchange of ideas that benefits the industry and the integrity of thoughtful professional development. The ideas that are chosen by stakeholders promote a culture of collaborative exchange that help to feed the growth of the company internally as well.

Many well-known companies have had successful runs with this approach including Dell Software, General Mills, and Anheuser Busch. The Dell Social Innovation Challenge, for example, enlists a network of students to engage in crowdsourcing solutions within their own internal crowdsourcing challenge software at the University of Texas at Austin. “The program encourages students to put their heads together and work on big ideas that have world-changing possibilities. Initially a contest where one winner would take home a $50,000 prize, the challenge has grown and now offers $350,000 worth of prizes to multiple winners, receives thousands of ideas, and helps start or grow many worthwhile businesses or non-profit organizations.”

From IT companies, design firms, to government agencies, many industries are signing up take part in this fresh approach to crowdsourcing.

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