Congratulations to the 2015 Innovation Management Award Winners!

IM Awards 2015The long awaited day has arrived! Having received some fantastic entries, we have officially chosen and are extremely pleased to share our winners for the 2015 Innovation Management Awards.

Western Australian Police—Best Engagement Strategy

The Western Australian Police (WAPOL) is the winner of the Best Engagement Strategy for their Frontline 2020 campaign. The WAPOL found that by responding to every idea, there was increased activity on all fronts. Moreover, keeping idea submitters informed at every step of the stage-gate process had a huge impact as well. Ideas which were implemented as a result of Frontline 2020 include those that are estimated to have saved WAPOL over $2 million dollars. Click here to find out more about the Western Australian Police and their Frontline 2020 campaign.

Making All Voices Count—Best Moderation Strategy

Making All Voices Count is the winner of the Best Moderation Strategy for their Global Innovation Competition.  In 2013, Making All Voices Count launched their Competition, challenging ideamakers around the globe to submit ideas that would improve governments’ responsiveness and accountability. The key—ANYONE could submit ideas. Collecting and reviewing ideas proceeded in three rounds: submission of ideas and eligibility check, additional info and winnowing down to 30 finalists, and finally a week of mentorship and workshops. Prize-winning funded projects made such changes as helping to reduce maternal mortality and crowdsourcing the flagging of political corruption. Click here to find out more about Making All Voices Count and their Global Innovation Competition.

Innovate Your State—Best Innovation

Innovate Your State was the winner of Best Innovation, with their Fix California Challenge. The Challenge was aimed at finding innovative ideas to improve government, specifically with ideas submitted by citizens of the state. Utilizing a multichannel campaign, and implemented a common process for all ideas. Through the process, ideas were narrowed from the initial 450 ideas to 16, to eight, to four, and finally to two ideas with potential state-wide solutions. These two ideas focused on legislative transparency and county modernization. However, the state considered the biggest successes the participation by citizen’s themselves, which allowed a chance to consider what issues were truly important to the public. Click here to find out more about Innovate Your State and the Fix California challenge.

Congratulations to our winners!

Two trends that are common among our three winners are encouragement of inclusivity and transparency, and a focus on improving the quality of life through innovation. With an organization like Making All Voices Count, it’s right there in their organization name that they are pursuing and encouraging global participation. And a stated goal of the WAPOL campaign was the improvement of the quality of life, for police officers and citizens alike. This was also true for the Fix California Challenge with Innovate Your State.

Winners in each category receive an Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display, a 5% discount on their 2016 subscription, a free pass to IdeaScale’s 2016 Open Nation Conference, a FREE IdeaBuzz challenge, and a promotional PR packet.

What might your organization do to be more engaging, have better moderation, and implement the best innovation? And how might these features help to focus on inclusivity and transparency, and quality of life?


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