Common IdeaScale Use Cases

IdeaScale Use CasesIdeaScale recently spent some time talking to our customers about how and why they’re using IdeaScale and we found that those interviews highlighted a few common IdeaScale use cases in the process and we decided to share four of them here. Of course, these are just a few of the ways that IdeaScale customers utilize IdeaScale. Others will use it for sustainability ideation, employee quality of life, business model innovation, social change, and more, but these were some of the key use cases that IdeaScale sees over and over again.

Product Innovation: Georgetown University talked about how student and staff ideas have been used to spur new projects at the University. Those projects could be new offerings for students or new ways to engage with content, but either way – they’re empowering change at the University.

Knowledge Sharing: the US Coast Guard discussed the challenges of sharing ideas with such a broad and diverse workforce. An innovation management program allows great ideas that are succeeding in one area to surface and be applied elsewhere throughout the organization.

Process Innovation: The Wonderful Company highlighted that they were able to workshop and improve new ideas that would better serve the company, but they were also able to identify those changes collaboratively instead of in isolation. Those process improvements sometimes even generate measurable results like time or money saved.

Customer Experience: The United Way shared how they’re sourcing new ideas that will enhance their offerings for their customers (their donors) and that by doing so they are giving those customers an enormously positive impression of the organization – as one that listens and cares deeply.

You might have seen that we’re already discussing successful customer funnels and how they work, but if you’re interested in trying them for yourself, just click the links above to see some common workflows that are already working to solve these problems.

To learn more about the problems that are being solved by IdeaScale customers, watch this video.

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