Congratulations to our Climate Action Sweepstakes winner: the Zur Rose Group!

We greatly appreciate everyone’s participation in our 2022 Climate Action Sweepstakes. It was encouraging to see the many entries from a wide range of companies and individuals from Africa, Europe, Australia, Canada, and the USA—all of which had compelling climate ambitions.

The Zur Rose Group, an online pharmacy with presence in five European countries, has agreed to collaborate with us to make a positive impact on their company and the planet.

They will receive our Full Regenerative Program—a customized program lasting two months—where they’ll apply Silicon Valley style innovation methods to build a compelling blueprint for a regenerative future, and conduct a highly energizing crowdsourcing campaign to deliver rapid results on a key sustainability priority.

The runners-up also win: they’ll receive a Regenerative Strategy Mapping Session.

Our intention with this project was to encourage high-impact efforts for climate action—in large and small companies—by offering everyone who entered the contest a three-hour online workshop, where they could develop their own high-level Blueprint for a Regenerative Future. This roadmap provided participants with a simple way to discover climate-related opportunities and develop strategies and actions they want to take in their companies. We’ll be contacting runners-up shortly to invite you to the strategy session.

The Digital Era and the Regenerative Era

The climate crisis is escalating faster than most people imagined, and we must act now to change critical dimensions of the tasks, structures and day-to-day practices of our companies. Just as human civilization moved from the Agricultural Era to the Industrial Era, and from the Industrial Era into the Digital Era, we are now simultaneously moving into two eras at once: while every day we are getting deeper into the Digital Era, we are also taking first steps into the emerging Regenerative Era.

IdeaScale’s innovation platform was built to address these types of challenges collaboratively and at scale. You can harness our capabilities to tap into the passion and creativity of the people who know your business best—your employees—by launching our regenerative services program at your organization.

Learn about IdeaScale’s Climate Innovation Pledge and join the movement!

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