Challenge to Advance Drug Abuse and Addiction Research

image1grayThe most recent statistics show that 7.9 million Americans, 12 or older, used hallucinogens or psychotherapeutic prescription drugs non-medically within the past month (NIDA). Of the approximately 7,898 Americans who use drugs for the first time every day, more than half (52%) are under the age of 18 at the time (NIDA). As of 2012 approximately 23.1 million Americans suffered from drug or alcohol abuse or dependence, while only 2.5 million actually received treatment for their dependence or abuse from a specialty facility. From current addicts to future substance abusers to their families and friends, these issues affect our nation daily.

Part of the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is dedicated to leveraging science in the research and treatment of drug abuse and addiction. As part of their 2016-2020 strategic planning, NIDA is running a series of open innovation challenges targeted to drive advancements in the research of drug abuse and addiction treatment methods, systems, and approaches from outside of their organization and traditional networks. The second challenge of this series is titled, “Harnessing Insights from other Disciplines to Advance Drug Abuse and Addiction Research.”

NIDA will be awarding a prize pool of up to $25,000, including a potential $15,000 for 1st place. Submissions are being accepted through June 30th, followed by a three week judging period, with winners being announced on August 6, 2015. All submissions should describe an innovative concept or technology and how it can be applied to an outstanding question in drug abuse or addiction research. Find full submission requirements and deadlines at the challenge page.

With this open innovation challenge, NIDA wants to reach out beyond networks and researches traditionally associated with drug abuse and addiction to leverage recent advances in research and technology in their own research. This challenge is part of NIDA’s strategic planning for 2016-2020. Seeking innovations that could influence the direction of research for those years, NIDA finds it important to utilize findings in any and all fields that could improve research in drug abuse and addiction. Do you have specialized knowledge that could yield results in their research? Submit today: Insights from other Disciplines Challenge.

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