Challenge Software

What is challenge software?

Many businesses now launch contests or challenges in order to get new ideas or to source solutions for long-standing problems. Challenge software is a technology platform that makes it easy for any organization to launch a challenge. With just a few keystrokes, leaders or businesses or organizations can gain access to a world of knowledge that will help them find a winner and achieve their objectives. All it takes is some careful planning at the outset when thinking about launching challenge software.

What is IdeaScale?

With IdeaScale’s challenge software, true innovation is possible. Clients simply launch a challenge and allow members to submit their best ideas within the parameters of the competition. Those users are then rewarded for their contributions through a gamified system.

It begins with ideas submitted from a wide range of people from around an organization or even from around the world. Other idea authors comment and vote on the ideas of others and crowd mechanics fuel the vetting process throughout this stage.

After the best ideas have been identified by the crowd or by subject matter experts, the organization can create teams to investigate and build on these new promising ideas. The teams that are attached to certain submissions can fill out specific fields and they can upload supplemental information, ask for additional input, and more.

Once the submissions have been refined and have been built into solutions that a panel of experts would like to evaluate, administrators can share those ideas with the stakeholders and evaluate them against custom, pre-defined criteria. The winners are rank-ordered and the best ideas emerge on top making it easy for administrators to not only identify the best ideas, but also to justify their decision based on a quantitative process that takes place within the IdeaScale tool.

IdeaScale software includes all of this functionality and more as part of its cloud-based system. Start your challenge today!

Group Based Moderation

Administrators can assign capability or responsibility-based roles to specific community members and content with matching data will automatically be routed to those members.

Community Infographic

Exportable, shareable reports are available 24 hours a day from the crowd, including our popular infographic format which renders IdeaScale data in graphic, modular segments.

Idea Submission

Within IdeaScale, anyone can submit ideas and their supporting details to campaigns and challenges.

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