Open Challenge: the National Institute on Drug Abuse is Innovating Addiction Treatment

NIDA-blogOpen Innovation is at its most powerful when used to discover new opportunities and new methods. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has set forth an open innovation Challenge to improve the quality of drug addiction treatment in this fashion. Offering a total prize pool of $100,000, NIDA calls on anyone, including researchers and experts, to present new systems and metrics for the measurement and management of drug addiction treatment quality.

Drug addiction is a disease that affects countless individuals in the United States and around the world. Innovative approaches that combine the latest science of addiction and its treatment with an understanding of how to motivate and manage quality improvement will enhance the treatment system’s ability to provide the best care possible.

Open Innovation is about breaking down barriers. That’s why NIDA is seeking participation not only from researchers in the field of drug addiction treatment, but also those with experience in other treatment fields and those specializing in quality measurement and management.

Submissions must outline a novel system for measuring and managing drug addiction treatment quality, identify the current state of research, and describe the research that would need to be done to fully realize their proposed system. Individuals are welcome to submit solutions, but NIDA encourages registrants to build a team and submit a group solution since the most complete solutions likely will draw upon knowledge from multiple fields. The Challenge, including the official rules and submission criteria, can be seen here: Registrants can find collaborators and build diverse teams through the Forum page on the challenge site.

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