BrightIdea Competitors

Who are the Brightidea Competitors?

IdeaScale is the largest player in the innovation management industry with more than 25,000 communities and upwards of 4 million users and is one of the leading Brightidea competitors. Over the course of the company’s evolution, IdeaScale has been able to contend with numerous competitors on issues of company solvency, feature offerings, service, pricing, and more. When it comes to Brightidea, IdeaScale is pleased to talk to prospects about some of our key feature differentiators as well as what makes us different as a company.

How is IdeaScale different?

IdeaScale has distinguished itself from the competition in a number of key ways. First and foremost, in our pricing strategy. At IdeaScale, there is no volume-based pricing – which means that we’ll never penalize you for success. The more users you have, the more ideas that they create, the better your community is in every way. Ideascale doesn’t charge based on participation and it has no plans to.

And with IdeaScale, true global collaboration is possible since the team here has worked very hard to build an inclusive accessibility toolkit that includes real-time translation of user-generated content, Section 508 compliance, comprehensive social integration, a flexible API that plugs into any system and environment and much, much more.

IdeaScale has one of the highest-rated support teams in the market with 24/7 support, multiple language knowledge bases, and customer testimonials that attribute innovation success to the aid of their dedicated account teams.

Finally, IdeaScale offers some back-end tools that are highly appealing to stakeholders and leadership: decision matrix capabilities. A method for evaluating crowd data and suggestions and assigning and assessing the true business value of the best ideas as well as their potential costs and constraints. This offering makes it possible to add another layer of stakeholder data to crowd-generated information that helps articulate how each idea will truly help build the future of any organization.

API Access

IdeaScale’s API allows customers to plug IdeaScale into other consumable formats.

Build Proposal

Ideas can be developed by asking team members for custom criteria that helps leadership make informed decisions about which ideas are best.

Email & Live Chat Support

IdeaScale is dedicated to providing outstanding support to all our customers.

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