At the White House: Crowdsourcing Efficiency

This week the White House launched its third annual SAVE Award asking federal employees to share thoughts on how the White House can cut waste and save money. This program has generated nearly 60,000 ideas in the past two years and since launching one week ago, there are already about 6,500 ideas in the mix and over 32,000 votes on what would be the most effective changes. All ideas are being collected and reviewed on the Ideascale platform.

What’s great about this program (besides the savings of hundreds of millions of dollars from past SAVE Award ideas) is its transparency. Anyone can view the page and see what ideas are trending with the highest number of votes. In the top 20 right now are ideas like criminalizing the sale of food stamps or promoting the use of electronic forms for government work. The 2011 SAVE Award is open to suggestions from all federal employees until July 29, 2011.

And this year’s SAVE Award particular supports the Campaign to Cut Waste (another initiative focused on eliminating wasted tax dollars in every department) and all of these efforts support the minimizing of budget deficits.

How else can crowdsourcing help us save money and eliminate redundancy? Should anyone be able to make suggestions that effect our national budget or should such decisions be limited to federal employees?

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