Addiction Research: There’s an App for That!

addiction-research-imageWith over 101 million in the US alone, iPhone users make up a sizable population. Imagine the value a population that size holds for researchers in medical fields like Diabetes, Parkinson’s, and drug abuse and addiction. With the help of Apple’s ResearchKit, medical researchers around the globe are getting to tap into this population to easily and quickly gather data in a new way.


Introduced just this past March, ResearchKit is an open source framework that makes it easy for individuals and organizations to build iOS applications for data collection. With a library of examples and sample code, a little goes a long way. This is a tremendous opportunity for researchers whose lack of coding and development skills previously would have made building an app impossible.


The National Institute on Drug Abuse is leveraging this technology in a new Open Challenge, Addiction Research: There’s an App for That! NIDA welcomes researchers, developers, coders, and app explorers to build apps that will facilitate future research in the field of drug abuse and addiction. NIDA seeks to answer important scientific questions about the paths people take to avoid or to succumb to drugs.  The winning app could be awarded Up to $50,000.


Since innovation is always strongest when different fields and viewpoints come together, the challenge welcomes group submissions. Take your experience in addiction treatment or drug abuse researcher and partner with someone who excels and building apps on ResearchKit or has a strong coding background and is excited to learn a new framework. Join the challenge today, and make a difference:

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