A Valentine from the Crowd

If you weren’t aware, your Facebook feed (and many other commercial messages) have probably alerted you to the fact that today is Valentine’s Day (gasp!). Originally a day to honor Christian martyrs, it is now a day of cheeky greeting cards and candy (and I suppose the odd genuine romantic moment, as well) . And – as with all things – it is also another opportunity to have some fun with crowdsourcing.

My favorite Valentine’s Day crowdsourced initiative is the Washington Post’s Post Local initiative asking D.C. locals to share D.C. specific messages of love and affection. Other readers can “recommend” their favorite submissions which are all posted on the webpage or tagged on Twitter with #OnLove.

Some of my favorites are:

  • You’re the Special Assistant to the Deputy Under Secretary of Hotness.
  • Be my Washington insider.
  • Our love is a continuing resolution.

Of course, fun like this doesn’t need to be limited to V-Day. There are other sites that crowdsource the messages of the heart. Check out Chirply (they’ll even send you a free greeting card). At Chirply, designers submit designs and suggestions and others vote on them. The cards (and wrapping paper, stationery, etc.) can then be purchased on the same site. Minted also depends on a wide network of contributors to create their stationery designs. Winners receive cash prizes and the opportunity to have their designs sold by Minted and receive a 5% commission on all sales, for life. And while Minted sells mass-produced, branded stationery as well, the majority of the profits come, instead, from the crowdsourced designs.

What’s your favorite D.C. Valentine? What special Valentine message would you like to share with your community?

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