70 Creative Reward Suggestions

Incentives230x297No matter what you’re using your ideation or crowdsourcing community for, it’s proven that using incentives can improve not only the level of engagement, but also the quality of the content that’s submitted there. We recently hosted a webinar on the subject of the most effective rewards in ideation communities.

However, implementing incentive programs is often a challenge. Sometimes they are difficult to orchestrate or manage and not everyone can afford to give out 1,000 bonuses to employees with great ideas. So we surveyed some of our clients with the most successful ideation campaigns and scoured the internet for unique and effective incentive suggestions. We also categorized them by prizes that might be applicable in an office setting, for government initiatives, for school or university projects, and more.

Although cash incentives are great, it can also provide even more value to say, have your boss run your errands for a day. Things like that provide great Twitter and other social media conversation fodder, ongoing discussion, and more enduring enthusiasm for a community.

If you’d like to download our list of creative rewards for office, government, and universities, you can find it here.

What kinds of incentives do you use? What behaviors are you incentivizing?

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