Meet the Winners of the 2021 Innovation Management Awards!

Three categories, three innovation leaders selected as winners. Learn more about the winners below!

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The Innovation Management Awards are open to any innovation practitioners who can share best practices in one of three categories: engagement, process, and implementation!

Best Engagement Strategy

Awarded to the organization that best demonstrates a high level of engagement through the most creative and successful methods.


Best Innovation Process

Awarded to the community that can demonstrate the most efficient and effective processes for refining and evaluating ideas.


Best Innovation

Whether it was a new product, process, market focus, or shift in thinking – the best innovation award goes to the community that made the most surprising or impactful idea a reality.

Grant Thornton

Winners in each category will receive:

  • An Apple Watch
  • A VIP pass to IdeaScale’s 2022 Open Nation Conference
  • An IdeaScale Strategic Workshop: CO-STAR training for the IdeaScale admin and two other colleagues.
  • Promotional PR Packet

The deadline for submission is March 31st, 2021. Winners will be announced in April 2021.

To nominate a community:

Entrants must fill out an entry form in the appropriate category by March 31st, 2021


  • Nominees must have launched an IdeaScale crowdsourcing project in the past two years.
  • Must be a project that is publicly shareable as of April 2021.
  • Entry forms must be completed in a single sitting. To request a copy of the entry form in advance, please contact The more relevant details provided, the better judges will be able to evaluate merit.

Please direct all awards inquiries to Jessica Day at

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