8 Misconceptions about Minimum Viable Products

One thing consistently successful innovation programs do, is test their concept during the development process. Whether physical or intangible, it’s rare that a final product is precisely what you initially envisioned. During the development process, your product is likely

When Not to Innovate

While many of your products and services will need to evolve, not every wheel needs to be reinvented. Or, not at the present moment. In your effort to maintain your competitive edge, you and your team are sure to

A New Era: A New Green Economy

The climate crisis is escalating faster than most people imagined. We must act now to change critical dimensions of the tasks, structures, and day-to-day practices of our companies. Just as human civilization moved from the Agricultural Era to the Industrial

Who Exactly are the Crowd Workers?

Crowdsourcing allows organizations to find and work with self-selected volunteers to accomplish tasks, gather information, or gain new ideas. The end result is not just the work and insight of one person, but of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands. However,

Why Innovation Is a Process of Discovery

Innovation is the core of an organization. While numerous companies have innovation teams, many are looking to spread idea sharing throughout the entire company. According to a 2017 Web Strategist report, 57 percent of corporations cite innovation as a top challenge.

The Innovation Manager’s Quintessential Reading List

As an innovation manager, you are always looking for the latest trends. Drawing inspiration from innovators who have come before you is a great way to learn. According to a recent survey, high-growth companies apply innovation strategies that look far beyond

Influence Cultures that Drive Innovation!

Have you ever struggled to gain adoption of your innovation efforts? Have you had the organizational antibodies torpedo your good work? Do you struggle to gain alignment around your innovation programs? You are not alone.  These are the greatest challenges