Why You Should Use an Idea Capture Template for Innovation


Collecting new ideas and sharing them within the organization is a critical part of innovation. Similar to harnessing energy, you need a centralized way of capturing ideas so they can be organized, prioritized, and implemented effectively.

An idea capture template provides a means of collecting and evaluating ideas. This helps create an innovation culture for supporting change and growth. Research from 2015 showed 22% of companies developed a means for finding radically new products, a number that continues to increase.

Benefits of an idea capture template

An idea capture template, also known as an idea collection template, gives you a place for establishing an innovation process. Use it to collect ideas to fill your pipeline and strengthen creativity. 

An idea capture template helps improve innovation. When you have a way to collect ideas in one centralized location, everyone in the organization can be a part of the process. You can also seek ideas externally and cultivate them using the resources provided by the template.

An idea collection template allows you to identify problems in your innovation process and solve them faster. Establish a schedule for ideation, and discuss obstacles and resolutions with your teams.

Idea capture templates allow for brainstorming sessions. This is where ideas are thrown into the ring for consideration. Even those that aren’t chosen for a particular project can be captured and used later.

An idea collection template can be customized to fit the needs of each project. This may change as you encounter different ideation challenges, but think of it as a guide that is easily adaptable and evolves over time.

An idea capture template helps you create a true innovation experience. Brainstorming sessions can include anywhere from a few to many employees. Using a template allows you to improve the idea quality by involving everyone equally.

Group of colleagues working on a project.

A 2018 study revealed the most innovative companies are more successful at implementing new ideas when a centralized digital development strategy is used. According to the results, nearly 30% of companies use a centralized approach to drive innovation, while 35% said research is centralized, and the results are passed to business units. Adversely, 29% of companies use support from a centralized organization to drive their own innovation.

Use idea sharing activities to tap into the diverse talents and experiences of your employees. Team members can engage with one another to build on their ideas using the template as a guide.

Using an idea-collection template enhances teamwork. When employees know the process, they feel more comfortable pitching ideas. They will also be equipped with the tools and resources to develop those ideas into new products, services, or processes.

What to include in your idea capture template

Your idea capture template should include everything that makes up the idea sharing process. You need a place where ideas can be entered and organized. This allows for easy prioritization.

Your Idea collection template should also be visible to all members of your innovation team. This allows them to enter ideas during brainstorming sessions, make suggestions at any time, and view gathered ideas.

The template will help guide you to the implementation process because each step of ideation will be documented. You can continue developing it as your company grows and you add new departments and processes.

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