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How Law Enforcement Benefits from Cutting-Edge Innovation Management

Law enforcement has no choice but to adapt to changing technologies and the changes that technologies cause among the populations they serve. Making law enforcement simpler, better, and safer in a world that is changing more rapidly than ever is a gargantuan challenge. Many law enforcement agencies are turning to new technologies like body cameras … Continued

How to Move from Process Improvement to Innovation

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with process improvement, but it isn’t the same thing as process innovation. In some ways, innovation is about going “back to the drawing board.” Process improvement is about making an existing process better, and there’s no reason not to do this when the opportunity presents itself. Process innovation, however, requires that you … Continued

6 Lessons from Our 2018 Innovation Management Award Winners

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IdeaScale recently announced the winners of our 2018 Innovation Management Awards. Queensland Police Service was recognized for Best Engagement Strategy, Covia won the award for Best Innovation Process, and the Transportation Research Board won for Best Innovation. Here are six lessons to take away from these winners. Queensland Police Service (QPS) Serving the Australian state … Continued

5 Innovation Campaign Ideas for Universities

Some universities come to IdeaScale with a targeted problem they want to solve, and with a vision to use open innovation to source solutions. Others come to IdeaScale with a vision to use open innovation to increase community engagement, but the specific problem to which they will apply this method is not yet defined. Either … Continued

Successful Citizen Engagement: How to Scale “Town Hall”

There is a growing trend of involving the crowd in public decision making. This practice has already been proven out in the private sector, where crowdsourcing has been used to solve longstanding issues, ranging from suggested feature improvements for mobile applications to reducing maternal mortality with technology. The idea of involving the public isn’t new, … Continued