The Innovation Maturity Model for The Public Sector (IMS-Gov)

In the spring of 2019, the TIM Foundation was contacted by the Dutch national government requesting if TIM Foundation would be willing to cooperate in setting up an innovation maturity model for the central Dutch government. TIM Foundation already possessed

What is Agile Data Governance? Definition, Framework, and Steps

Table of Contents What is Agile Data Governance? Agile data governance is defined as a modern approach to data management that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and iterative improvement. It combines the principles of agile methodology with traditional data

What is E-Government? Definition, Act, Solutions, and Examples

Table of Contents What is E-Government? E-government, short for electronic government, is defined as the use of digital technologies and online platforms to deliver government services, exchange information, and engage with citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders. It

Three Inside Stories of Innovation in Government

Democracy thrives when everyone participates, but it's difficult to reach some communities through traditional means. Governments are increasingly turning to crowdsourcing and open innovation to encourage citizens across the spectrum to weigh in with ideas, opinions, and perspectives. Here are