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How NASA is Crowdsourcing its Innovation Strategy

how nasa is crowdsourcing

It takes millions of minds to get one man in space. NASA is, to many, a symbol of scientific innovation. The space race touched off an unprecedented “peace dividend” that gave us everything from modern materials science to Tang. Stepping beyond Earth will be something that requires the work of all of us. And NASA … Continued

Why Should the Public Vote on the Ideas of Government Employees?

These days, it’s easy to feel apathetic and frustrated by politics and government in general. It often feels as though your voice is not heard, that special interests and corporations are more important than the citizens at large. But luckily, there are factions of the government that are realizing the futility folks are feeling, and … Continued

Citizen City Planning

Have you ever had an idea that would make the city you live in better? Chances are you have. Did you have the opportunity to share your idea with the decision makers of your city, and feel like you were heard? Chances are you haven’t, which is kind of strange given that citizen city planning … Continued

SXSW 2015 Panel: Global Competitions that Change the World

Life these days can sometimes seem hopeless.  Turn on the news and you see negative story after negative story. However, there is cause for hope. More and more, amidst all of the negativity, we see global citizens coming together to remind us all that the things which bring us together are larger than those which … Continued