IdeaScale Achieves Carbon Neutrality!

Green tag labeled carbon neutral.

Sustainability is an important part of innovation and requires a great deal of strategic planning. One aspect of becoming sustainable is to achieve carbon neutrality. We’re excited to announce that IdeaScale has become carbon-neutral by reducing our carbon footprint  and giving back to the community at large, a success that sets us apart from our competitors.

What Is Carbon Neutrality?

Carbon neutrality occurs when the carbon emissions caused by their operation are balanced by the funding of an equivalent amount of carbon savings somewhere else. The savings are caused by helping fund products that are renewable and efficient. Many of these projects produce greenhouse gases as well as offer community and social benefits in developing countries.

Leading change is an important part of improving the business climate. As far back as 2007, one report revealed venture capital and private equity investments in sustainable energy increased by 69% the previous year, illustrating the importance of sustainability to companies worldwide. That interest in sustainability has only grown in the intervening years.

Companies who are carbon-neutral recognize a corporate and social responsibility to do their part toward improving climate change on a global level. Individuals and businesses are also conscious of purchasing products and services from suppliers who share the same goals.

Carbon Neutrality Standards

Achieving carbon neutrality means adhering to international standards. These include:

  • Establishing carbon neutrality and carbon management strategies.
  • Calculating and tracking your carbon footprint.
  • Offsetting emissions by taking part in quality projects around the world.
  • Implementing cost-effective carbon reduction programs.
  • Developing a marketing strategy around environmental credentials.

It’s Who We Are and What We Value

IdeaScale is the world’s largest cloud-based innovation software platform. We give more than 25,000 customers and 4.5 million users the ability to collect ideas they can evaluate and implement. Our level of engagement and support helped us become a part of the open government initiative.

IdeaScale is about more than software. We believe innovation is about implementing positive change through hard work and collaboration. Sustainability is an important part of who we are, and we pride ourselves on offering the only carbon-neutral software available.

We give back. Each year, we donate thousands of dollars to nonprofit organizations chosen by our customers.

IdeaScale funds several projects designed to create a more sustainable environment. These include:

  • A Bearadise, old forest growth that ensures the reduction of 1.5 million tons of carbon in 30 years, a safe home for animals and a clean earth.
  • Tisbest, gift cards that empower people to support causes about which they’re passionate.
  • Time to vote, an initiative that supports voting during election times.

Promoting Innovation Across All Industries

Since its inception in 2009, IdeaScale has promoted innovation across all industries using software that works. In the first year, the IdeaScale platform was adopted by 23 federal agencies and served agencies like the Executive Office of the President of the United States. The adoption rate expanded in 2010 to encompass numerous private companies and was cited by government clients as engaging and affordable.

IdeaScale believes that reducing the carbon footprint is more important than ever. According to a 2017 blog, the amount of indirect emissions contributed by people and businesses increased by 6% between 1990 and 2015. We are committed to saving the environment while providing companies around the world opportunities to innovate by coming together to improve the quality of life.

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