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8 Misconceptions about Minimum Viable Products

One thing consistently successful innovation programs do, is test their concept during the development process. Whether physical or intangible, it’s rare that a final product is precisely what you initially envisioned. During the development process, your product is likely

When Not to Innovate

While many of your products and services will need to evolve, not every wheel needs to be reinvented. Or, not at the present moment. In your effort to maintain your competitive edge, you and your team are sure to

The External Innovation Partners You Need Most

Partnering with third-party subject-matter experts delivers a variety of benefits. The type of partners that will benefit your organization will vary greatly depending on factors such as your industry, tenure, objectives, and budget. Even with an empowered, skill-diverse, and

Is Micromanagement Why Your Innovation Program is Failing?

Micromanagement can have devastating consequences for both employees and organizations. Unfortunately, many leaders adopt micromanagement, believing it will optimize and accelerate results. Even if short-term results are achieved, the long-term ripple effects have the precise opposite effect. From reduced employee

The Top 5 Barriers to Organizational Innovation

The 2018 Benchmarking Innovation Impact report gathered powerful perspectives regarding why new projects fail. The report surveyed 270 innovation, strategy, and R&D executives with the objective of identifying the top barriers to organizational innovation. The top 5 of these

The Key Drivers of Organizational Innovation

Innovation has become a buzzword that’s associated with a variety of misconceptions. One of which is that innovation is a personality type. Without a doubt, some innovators are high-energy extroverts. However, most disrupters and innovators are everyday team members. Most

Regaining your Curious Nature

Curiosity is an instinctive impulse that is at the root of all innovation. It’s a trait celebrated as infants, but something many of us begins to exchange for conformity as early as two-years-old. This conformity isn’t just social, but

Keeping Organizational Innovation Alive

Pleased with your current team’s ability to innovate and work together? Perfect! Now, it’s time to take a proactive approach to maintain their bond, creativity, and curiosity. Keeping innovation alive requires a mix of ongoing team building and group and

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