What is an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

employee satisfaction surveyAn employee satisfaction survey is a powerful tool that the Human Resource department in general and managers in particular use to understand the level of satisfaction of the employees associated with the respective organization. It’s a closed form of crowdsourcing that can inform your internal innovation strategy.

This survey provides management with a direction that is useful for them to make informed decisions based on the information and data obtained and the probable measures they will need to take if the responses to the survey and not quite appropriate.

As an organization, if you want to grow your business then, you must understand that your organization is not a square where employees will come, work and leave. You are not training robots, you have employed human beings and they have a certain level of emotional quotient. Each person in your organization will react differently to the things happening in the organization.

Therefore, it is important for you to collect information that is not only accurate but also up to date. The best way to measure, analyze and gain insights into this emotion is through the employee satisfaction survey. The most important attribute of this survey are the questions that are asked. These survey questions will determine the kind and rate of response. Make sure the questions are accurate and to the point.

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Top 5 Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions

Following employee satisfaction survey questions will help you collect information and data related to the levels of satisfaction in your organization:

  1. Considering your overall experience with the organization, on a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend the organization to your family and friends?

The most powerful question that you cannot afford to miss is the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) question, this question not only helps understand the satisfaction level of your employees but also measure their loyalty towards the organization.

  1. Is it clear to you what your role is in meeting the organization’s objective?

Is it important to understand if an employee is in tandem with the organization’s objective and his/her role in achieving it?

  1. Do you enjoy being a part of this organization?

If an employee enjoys his/her tasks at work and is happy to be a part of the organization, then work is carried out with ease and efficiency.

  1. Do you struggle to obtain relevant information from your team members?

It is essential to ask this question as it is important to know if there are any roadblocks that an employee is facing and if that is hampering his/her motivation and satisfaction level at work.

  1. If something unusual comes up do you know, whom to approach for the solution?

When an employee has the clarity about whom to approach for a solution and suggestions half the task is done. It is important organizations have a transparent culture that will help employees seek proper guidance.

Last but not least, implementation plays the most important role. If you are deploying a survey and employees are responding to that survey, you are bound to collect a lot of relevant data. But if you are not going to implement the suggestions and address employee grievances, then the entire purpose of conducting these surveys is defeated. The key here is, obtain information, implement suggestions and increase satisfaction.

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