Ways to Create a Customer Experience Strategy

Customer experience is defined as the sum of all interactions between a customer and an organization. In order for businesses to stay relevant in 2019, they must have an excellent customer experience strategy or else they could be severely hurting their bottom line. According to a study conducted by the customer experience management software company Iperceptions, 64% of consumers find customer experience more important than price when making a purchasing decision. Based on this statistic, it is clear that an effective customer experience strategy should be a top priority for all businesses. This article will discuss three ways in which you can create an effective customer experience strategy.

Understand Your Audience

In order to create an effective customer experience strategy, you must first understand your audience. It is impossible to create an effective customer experience strategy if you do not know who your audience is, what they want, or what their motivations are. There are many different ways in which you can increase your understanding of your audience, but the best way to do so is by crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is the practice of gaining knowledge and ideas from a large group of people who are generally not associated with your business. It is the most effective way to understand your audience because it allows them to voice any opinions, ideas, or suggestions that they may have for your business. By allowing your audience to do this, you automatically gain a better understanding of what types of people they are, what they want, what they need, and what their motivations are. Understanding your audience allows you to make business decisions that will increase customer satisfaction and improve your customer service. Both of which are the two most important elements of overall customer experience.

Provide Valuable Information About Your Business

Providing valuable information about your business helps to improve customer experience by increasing overall customer satisfaction. Neglecting to provide valuable information about your business not only provides a poor experience for your customers, but you could be negatively impacting your business’s bottom line as well. For example, if a potential customer is researching your business online or walks into your store and can’t figure out the benefits of any products or services that your business provides, they are most likely not going to want to engage with it out of frustration. However, if you clearly outline what your business does, and what the benefits of your products and services are, you will improve their satisfaction, and as a result, improve their customer experience as well.

There are two ways in which you can make sure that you are truly providing valuable information to your customers. The first way is to make sure that you are explaining thoroughly what each product or service you are selling does, and what its benefits are. The second way is to educate all of your customer service representatives with this information so that they can answer any questions that a customer may have. Making sure that your customers know what your business is all about by providing them with valuable information is something that every effective customer experience strategy should include.

Humanize Your Business

The third and final method that should be included in your customer experience strategy is the humanization of your business. Humanizing your business simply means to make your business feel like a peer in the eyes of your customers as opposed to a big powerful corporation who just wants to make money. The more connected a customer feels to your business, the better their customer experience is everytime they visit your store or engage with one of your customer service representatives. Generally speaking, humans are more comfortable and have better experiences with their peers than they do with people who are their superiors. That is why people get nervous on job interviews, but have no problem interacting with their friends.

If you ever walk into an Apple store, you’ll notice that all of their employees are dressed in casual clothes. They want to give off the impression that the company is just like the average customer. This is a great example of how a business can humanize themselves.

In summary, your customer experience strategy is very important for your business’s overall success. If you do not have an effective customer experience strategy, you could be negatively impacting your business’s bottom line and driving potential customers away. Understanding your audience, providing valuable information about your business, and humanizing your business are three vital aspects of a successful customer experience strategy, something that is crucial to the overall success of your business.


This article is a guest post by Nick Rojas. Nick Rojas is a business consultant and writer at Writerzone who lives in Los Angeles. He has consulted small and medium-sized enterprises for over twenty years. He has contributed articles to Visual.ly, Entrepreneur, and TechCrunch. You can follow him on Twitter @NickARojas

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