3 Reasons to Use Crowdsourcing to Innovate Your University

image courtesy of seier+seier

As facilities for research and education, universities must remain current to prosper and draw the best students and staff. In order to eclipse the competition, a university must be constantly innovating, finding the most efficient, most effective methods. With a dedicated, internal crowd of intelligent, eager individuals, crowdsourcing is the ultimate cost saving, renewable resource for growth.

1. Including students and staff in the dialogue on growth will foster a feeling of University pride around campus. Recently the University of Portsmouth, an institution of over 20,000 students in Portsmouth, England, ran a crowdsourced campaign open to their full staff and student body through IdeaScale. A video issued by the organizers encouraged participation with professors proclaiming, “Share your ideas, they’re as good as mine.” Check out the positive feedback and support garnered from the campaign in University of Portsmouth wrap up video here.

2. Colleges and universities have requirements to meet before implementing any proposed ideas. A crowdsourcing platform, such as IdeaScale, will bring all ideas into one easy to monitor and analyze forum. Participators can vote and comment on these ideas, building a case through quantifiable data. Ideas with implementation potential can be explored within the crowd before presentation to decision makers.

3. It works – whether you’re looking to set the course for the future of your university or cut the budget, your staff and students can provide the answers. Thanks to their campaign, Paul Hayes is confident the University of Portsmouth now has a defined vision for the future, a way to get there, and can, “clearly articulate to the world who we are and what we stand for.” The University of Calgary aimed their IdeaScale campaign at budget reduction. Within the 200+ ideas submitted by staff and students, the university found the potential for millions of dollars in savings. To find out more about their success, download the case study here.

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