The Global Climate Strike: A Call for Innovation

Field with dark clouds.
Climate change is real but reversible. 

No matter where you live in the world, you have likely experienced more unusual weather lately. Whether that means temperatures that are hotter or cooler than normal or devastating storms, the reality of climate change can no longer be ignored. 

With this emergency in mind, IdeaScale urges you to participate along with us in the Global Climate Strike Friday, Sept. 20. On this day, thousands of concerned citizens of more than 150 countries will take to the streets to raise awareness of this global crisis and help form a vision for a carbon-free future.

However, we can’t stop at awareness. We must use innovation leadership to motivate, aggregate, and fabricate concrete solutions to the problem.

Using Innovative Leadership to Solve Problems

IdeaScale, an idea management platform that helps companies bring their ideas to fruition, encourages everyone to stand alongside them in solidarity to show factory owners and governments that we are a united front, and we will not allow the continued destruction of our planet.

As a creative company that works to promote inventive solutions to problems both new and old, we want to underscore our commitment to addressing this catastrophe in the making. 

One way we believe we can make a real difference is by promoting real-time sustainable solutions, such as alternatives to fossil fuels. We say real-time because we believe we don’t have decades or years to come up with prototypes for ways to harvest carbon-neutral sources of energy. Time is running out, and we must start now.

Innovative Leadership in the Quest for Alternative Energy Sources

Luckily, the road ahead has been paved for us by innovators in industries such as solar and wind power. Methods of harnessing these sources of energy have been around for decades, but only in the last few years has solar become truly affordable to ordinary citizens. 

So much more can be done, and it is from the minds of innovative people that we will find the solution to global climate change and protect our future together.

Yellow light bulb with the word innovation.
Problems like climate change don’t have only one solution.

Deep Reservoir of Ingenuity

The Renewable Resource Coalition, a publication covering renewable energy and green living, listed 11 sources of renewable energy in a 2016 article, including wave and tidal power, biomass energy, and more. Many of these have yet to be explored thoroughly and their viability measured. Imagine all the sources that are as yet undiscovered.

Innovation leadership is the key to solving the global climate crisis. In fact, it’s the key to solving any crisis, and the key to all invention, creativity, and vision. Inspiration is like matter — it cannot be created or destroyed. Rather, it simply exists. You may not notice it sometimes, because you are trying to catch the 7:16 train downtown or you are studying for your French exam or wondering if your child’s fever merits a visit to the doctor. That’s why it often takes an unexpected experience, a sudden turn of events — or an innovation leader — to spur you to action. 

Partner with IdeaScale on Friday, Sept. 20, and on any day you need direction, support, and guidance on your company’s innovation leadership strategy.   Join our newsletter to learn more.  

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