The Best Customer Service Tools

customer service

We’ve all been there: the painful automated messages, the wait time, the less than perfect customer representatives. Nothing is worse than having to call customer service for something. We’ve all had to do it, and odds are, your customers are going to have to with your product. How your company handles complaints and inquiries from customers is a reflection on the amount you care about your customers and what you do with the ideas that emerge from that frontline feedback matters. Here are some of the best support tools that people use to connect with their customers.


Intercom can help your sales, marketing and support teams communicate with customers. The software will help find qualified leads so your team can turn them into customers faster than ever. Intercom helps you contact potential clients with personal emails, messages and in-app notifications. Personal connections with leads keep potential clients engaged and interested. Intercom ensures your customers feel supported with personalized help for all of their questions and concerns. With collaborative inboxes, your customers can quickly receive help from anyone on your team. Intercom has a variety of purposes to help your company, but most importantly, it helps customers feel supported and cared for by giving them speedy and personalized responses.

Live Agent

LiveAgent enables seamless communication with customers and coworkers. This site is specifically built for small to medium sized businesses and offers one of the lowest prices in the business. Customers can call customer service directly from your website. LiveAgent offers an unlimited amount of phone calls and minutes so your employees can make phone calls to their coworkers and customers. LifeAgent has all the features you need to provide support for your customers while keeping its software inexpensive.


With Zendesk, your company can easily reach all of your customers’ needs. Feedback you receive from your website, social media, phone, or other channels, will be put into one place – your Zendesk. This makes communication with customers personal, efficient and seamless. Zendesk even measures the effectiveness of responses so you can strategize the best communication with customers. For any size company, satisfied companies helps grow your business. That’s why, Zendesk is a valuable tool to keep your company running smoothly.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a support tool by Salesforce. This site will give your support team insight to each customer and their history with your company. Each interaction with customers will be meaningful, productive and personalized. Customers will have their own self-service portal that gives them step-by-step instructions, articles, account information and the access to a chat team. Your agents will have the help of AI to predict answers and responses so their job will be as simple as possible. Service Cloud will keep your customers satisfied and supported.


Freshdesk simplifies helping and communicating with customers. It gathers all channels of communication into one shared inbox so no messages are ever left unread or not responded to. Each customer’s complaint, question or compliment has a custom deadline to make sure your team responds in a timely manner. Freshdesk also allows easy communication with coworkers for advice and recommendations on how to help each customer. Message threads can be shared within seconds to other employees to get their opinion on how to give the best response and advice to each customer. The software can recognize common questions and feedback from customers and give customized and automated responses to messages your employees see often. Freshdesk makes your employees’ jobs easier while making your customers happier.


Groove gathers and organizes all of the messages that come from your valued customers. By creating visualizes of the performance of your employees and satisfaction of customers, you can easily see where your service team needs to improve. This site creates graphs of average response times, number of resolved cases and a detailed breakdown of the success rates of individuals and teams. This feature holds employees accountable so you can give them the advice or praise needed to make sure they’re helping keep your customers happy.

Help Scout

Help Scout is the most personal customer service tools that emphasizes the importance of good customer relations rather than automated robot responses. It organizes all of your customers’ messages in one place so none of your customers compliments, questions or concerns slip through the cracks. Each user can see if a coworker is viewing or responding in real-time to eliminate double responses. Although HelpDesk offers saved responses for repetitive questions, they ensure each saved response can be easily customized. This makes responding to common questions convenient yet personal. It’s easy to create automatic responses by using easy “if/then” statements. This can easily assign messages to certain staff members, send messages to specific folders when not responded to and any other automated actions you can think of! Help Scout is easy to use while creating strong relationships with customers leaving them satisfied and soon to return.


Kayako helps companies of all sizes connect and help their customers. This software keeps a complete history of each interaction and purchases of customers so you can utilize their previous experiences when helping them. You can even see the articles of yours that the customer has viewed to see what information they already know! Kayako allows you to see the issue your customer faced on the website before you start a conversation. Each problem can be assigned to an employee who specializes in that specific problem.


Dimelo keeps your company efficient and productive by putting all customer interactions in one easy-to-use messaging platform. All of your places of communication with your customers will be in one channel, your Dimelo. Your customers will be able to stay on the site they’re familiar with. Messages will be automatically routed to who specializes in the topic best with the help of AI. Your employees can categorize and label messages based on their urgency so your employees know what customers to prioritize. Dimelo improves your relationships with customers by inputting and organizing all communication in one place.

With the hundreds of ideas you receive from your customers, you need a place to put them. IdeaScale makes the feedback valuable by keeping track of your customers’ preferences. If you’re not capturing that frontline feedback, you’re not making the most of your customers’ and support employees’ time. IdeaScale is a great platform to gather and build from customers complaints, advice and compliments.

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