Innovation Strategy

From Wheels to Web: The Innovations That Made Us

Innovation! Without Pain There Is No Gain: Why is innovation so challenging? Thomas Edison underwent over 1,000 attempts before successfully inventing the light bulb. Visionaries like Karl Benz and Henry Ford dedicated over 20 years to inventing and reinventing, facing [...]

What I’ve Learned In My First Month at IdeaScale

I joined IdeaScale in March 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic had thrown the whole world into lockdown mode. Schools and daycares were closed down, office workers became strictly homebound, airports were empty, and hospitals were overcrowded while simultaneously becoming [...]

Future-Forward Thinking Outstrips ‘Back to Normal’ Mindset

Disruption is what drives innovation and positive change. Successful innovation strategies include a forward-thinking mindset that helps you move beyond the status quo and develop new ways of thinking. Embrace Change Change is inevitable. It is what keeps businesses moving [...]

Five Ways Procrastination Spurs Innovation

It's odd that we act like everything has to be done at top speed, no stops, no hesitation, and no drifting of focus. Imagine if we cooked everything at the highest heat possible, drove with our foot to the floor, [...]

5 Ways Public Administrators Promote Innovation

Big or small, innovation is crucial. Innovation helps governments achieve their goals at every level. Yet encouraging it can seem a complicated task. Here are five steps you can take to build your department’s innovation strategy and promote innovation. 1. [...]

Why Innovation Is An Imperative in the Education Sector

Innovation is a constant in education. School systems regularly search for ways to create outlets that serve the diverse needs of students. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the need for new approaches to learning. The current situation is a [...]