Innovation Strategy

5 Ways Public Administrators Promote Innovation

Big or small, innovation is crucial. Innovation helps governments achieve their goals at every level. Yet encouraging it can seem a complicated task. Here are five steps you can take to build your department’s innovation strategy and promote innovation. 1.

Why Innovation Is An Imperative in the Education Sector

Innovation is a constant in education. School systems regularly search for ways to create outlets that serve the diverse needs of students. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the need for new approaches to learning. The current situation is a

Who’s Responsible for Innovation? Everybody!

Innovation is the key to forward movement. It creates value and improves existing systems so new ideas can emerge. Innovation research shows 61 percent of executives embrace open innovation to generate ideas. Positive change is derived through collaboration and sharing, which

Why Innovation Is a Process of Discovery

Innovation is the core of an organization. While numerous companies have innovation teams, many are looking to spread idea sharing throughout the entire company. According to a 2017 Web Strategist report, 57 percent of corporations cite innovation as a top challenge.

Strategic Foresight: What It Is and How to Get It

You can't predict the future, but you can look at the road ahead. Nobody can see the future completely, yet the desire to do so is so strong billions consult with everything from tarot cards to complex algorithmic simulations every