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Why Fostering Employee Engagement Also Fosters Innovation

Group of employees discussing ideas.

Employee engagement is what causes employees to want to give extra effort at work. Employees who are engaged in their work feel as if they are making a real contribution, feel challenged but not overwhelmed, and believe their voice is heard. Since they consider themselves a valuable team member, they’re willing to do more than … Continued

Crowdsourcing for Non-Profits: A Look at the Benefits

Volunteers cleaning up a park.

Non-profit engagement is about more than volunteering. Non-profits are driven by passion. Just like other organizations, however, they can struggle with innovation and change, especially when all ideas come from the inside. Crowdsourcing can be a powerful tool for helping non-profits generate innovative ideas in the long term. Better Transparency Non-profit initiatives need to be … Continued

Why Measuring Innovation Sentiment is Essential

Measuring Innovation Sentiment

Metrics tell you if you’re working. Building a great platform and designing a positive innovation strategy that reflects both company culture and vision is a good beginning for any organization looking to become or remain a leader in their industry. But there’s a third component to this: Your employees have to be engaged with the … Continued