The 10 Characteristics of Great Innovators

Characteristics of Successful Innovators Many people assume that if they don’t invent things and hold multiple patents, they aren’t very innovative. In reality, many inventors don’t have patents or products. [...]

The 10 Characteristics of Great Innovators2022-04-22T22:02:04+00:00

Why Diversity Is Important to Innovation

There are a number of reasons why diversity should be important to businesses, both diversity of an employee base and diversity of consumers: because representation matters, because top talent often [...]

Why Diversity Is Important to Innovation2021-02-19T05:16:36+00:00

Innovation Goes Beyond Bright Ideas

When organizations talk about innovation, they are referring to generating bright ideas. They spend time thinking "out of the box" and hope to come up with a brilliant new idea.  [...]

Innovation Goes Beyond Bright Ideas2022-04-05T20:23:06+00:00