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Emerging Trends Impacting the Financial Sector in 2019

Emerging Trends Impacting the Financial Sector

This is, believe it or not, a picture of a financial revolution. The financial sector is often seen as stodgy and slow to innovate, but the arrival of financial tech, or fintech for short, has forced change management and innovation strategy to the forefront. What trends in innovation will affect finance in 2019? Here’s a … Continued

Know Your Emerging Trends

know your emerging trends

  Last year IBM Marketing Cloud published a finding 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone (2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day). Things are moving at a pretty brisk pace nowadays and our lives are changing as a result. We’re changing our behaviors: We’re … Continued

The Life Sciences Industry: Decision Making from Batch to Continuum

Decision Making from Batch to Continuum

  The life science industry is close to a significant transformation. Regulations are tightening considerably. In developed markets, governments are restricting the freedom to price new drugs. For many therapeutic areas in developed nations, mortality rates have drastically come down. This makes it difficult to demonstrate significant improvement in health outcomes over standard of care. … Continued

IdeaLytics Offers New Data Visualization

It’s not just about gathering information anymore, it’s about how you share that information, about how you make sense of it. It’s the difference between data and data that leads to action. Just ask the authors of Big Data. There are numerous ways of looking at information and the information offered by an IdeaScale community … Continued

IdeaScale on RomiCast

This week, IdeaScale’s President, Rob Hoehn, was interviewed on RomiCast (a podcast curated by the Market Research resource center: ResearchAccess). The topic was feedback, but the featured discussion ranged all over. Romi Mahajan acted as interviewer (asking questions like “is the theme of feedback today that of democratization – are we defrocking priesthoods here?”) and … Continued