Shared Tragedy, Shared Response

onefundAnyone who was under the thrall of drama presented by the Boston bombings would not have failed to notice that within hours (possibly minutes) of the tragedy, crowdfunding projects were published on numerous platforms for numerous purposes and the outpouring of support was truly heartening in support of the victims of the tragedy.

One of the initiatives was a project called the OneFund set up by Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino: a new nonprofit dedicated to aiding those who were impacted by last month’s events. Despite the spare website, the spontaneous response, and the bare bones design, the platform was able to raise over $20 million in less than a week. To read more about the One Fund, read an article on the Software Advice blog here.

This is becoming the trend more and more after a shared national or global event. After a bombing or viral incident, the internet responds by an outpouring of crowd support (both material, emotional, and financial). Just look at some of the most recent events:

The Ohio Kidnappings
The Garment Building Collapse
The Oklahoma Disaster

Part of how we respond is by answering collectively now. Perhaps this not only serves as a way of serving the victims, but helping those who feel helpless feel as though they are contributing to the solution.

What are some of the best crowd responses to tragedy? What generates an effective response?

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