2021 Crowdsourced Innovation Report

After 2020, it's not surprising that crowdsourced innovation capabilities have grown and innovation output indicators like implementation rate and time to implement have improved. In fact, businesses that were [...]

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2020 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report

While IdeaScale was preparing the original release of our 2020 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report, we found ourselves in the midst of massive disruption as a result of the [...]

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2017 Crowdsourced Innovation Report

In 2017, a survey was sent to 735 board members and executives worldwide. Executives were asked to rate 30 issues from 1 to 10 based on how much impact [...]

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IdeaScale Open Innovation Solution

The IdeaScale Open Innovation Solution offers an introduction to open innovation, an overview of our process, and a short description of each accompanying stage. Download the IdeaScale Open Innovation [...]

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The Purpose Driven Workplace

Focusing on purpose rather than profits builds business confidence and drives investment. Additionally,73% of employees who say they work for a purpose driven company are engaged, whereas only 23% [...]

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Innovation Fitness

Getting fit as an organization has many benefits, and innovation is one of them. An assessment can help you understand areas where you need improvement so you can predict [...]

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Annual Innovation Strategy

It's vital to create a comprehensive annual innovation strategy well before the new year starts. A written, well-thought-out innovation strategy is more than a list of best practices you [...]

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Nurturing a Diverse Innovative Workforce

New research indicates that nurturing a diverse workforce for innovation drives market growth. Employees at companies with diversity are 45% more likely to report that their firm's market share [...]

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