In 2016, research firm, Innosight, made a daring prediction – most Fortune 500 companies will only spend fourteen years on the Fortune 500 list. It is one of the greatest surprises to us in the innovation management industry that it is not necessarily an organization’s ideas (or lack of them) that necessitate an innovation management program. But we’ve discovered that what defines an innovative company is not necessarily their ability to generate ideas, but their ability to deliver on great ideas. The 2019 Crowdsourced Innovation Report showcases best practices that will help a company improve their idea delivery capabilities and benchmarks against which to measure success.

So what can we learn from the innovators who are using crowdsourcing to address this concern? Download the 2019 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report to learn:

  • The typical profile of an innovation management program
  • Which problems the crowd solves
  • How to measure and improve innovation programs
  • And more.
Innovation in an Organization

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