Purpose as a Way of Business

way of businessPurpose offers a distinct advantage to organizations that have a clear mission and work to serve that mission. Not only does organizational purpose build clarity and drive company direction, but having a clear company purpose also turns company employees into better employees. Millennials are more likely to stay at a company when they have a strong connection to their employer’s purpose. Employees feel more engaged when they feel a sense of purpose in the workplace. They also do better work, have a higher sense of well-being and become brand ambassadors for you.

However, that sense of purpose can’t be faked. It must be genuine. A good place to start is an investigation of your core values. This Harvard Business Review article discusses the differences between true core values and other values (like aspirational or pay-to-play values) and encourages organizations to put those values to work – make them mean something. Do your core values serve your purpose and are you finding ways to live those core values, communicate them and your purpose to your workforce every day?

Organizations that are good at the above are probably ready for the most powerful step in a purpose-driven workplace: engaging all employees in the service of that purpose. That means inviting employees to share their ideas on how to best help organization’s meet that mission regardless of where they sit in a company. If an employee feels that their ideas and ego are intrinsically a part of the organization’s mission they start to feel and deliver all those workplace benefits that we discussed: well-being, passion, commitment to their job. That’s why purpose is a way of business – not just something you do for marketing splash.

So how do you do that? You find a way to ask for ideas transparently and company-wide and you make those ideas a part of the story of your organization’s success. To learn more about the purpose-driven workforce, download our complimentary infographic on the subject.

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