How fit is your enterprise?

Is your business growing fast enough?

Does at least 25% of your revenue come
from products and services developed in the
past 3 years?

Do you have a systematic innovation
process that enables you to consistently
outperform your competition?

More than ever, being able to thrive in today’s
economy is dependent on finding new ways to
improve operations and deliver greater and
greater value to customers. To meet the
innovation challenge head on, it is critical to
know how your organization is performing. You
must know what is working and what is not in
order to be able to harness the full potential of
your innovation capabilities.

Survey Benefits

By implementing an Innovation Fitness Survey,
organizations are able to:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses that are
    impacting their performance
  • Identify areas of focus for improving the speed,
    quantity, and quality of innovation
  • Develop a vision of what high level innovation
    fitness should look like
  • Create targeted plans for enhancing existing
    innovation capabilities or adding new ones
  • Generate buy-in for innovation and unlock
    employee enthusiasm and imagination
  • Track progress and ensure goals are attained

To succeed in this world, you must be able to keep
your innovation muscles strong. We know that only
the fittest survive.


Improvement in innovation fitness, leads to improvement in financial performance!