Nick Jain

How to Build and Maintain a Strong Company Culture

Company culture is more than just a mission, vision, and value statement. It's a set of shared values, beliefs, and expectations that serve as guiding principles for everyone in an organization. Culture is the glue that holds the company [...]

7 Traits of High-Performing and Innovative Teams

While being able to do it all is often touted as a badge of honor, high-performing teams are the “secret sauce” behind brands including Apple, Disney, Amazon, and Google. When you build a team with specialized but complementary skill sets [...]

How to Stay Innovative During a Recession

Highlights Recession or not, the basics of innovation don’t change and should stay in place. A recession will shift your focus and needs and will change your metrics. Innovation is more important during a recession, especially in industries that [...]

How Creative Constraints Boost Innovation

As defined by TEDEd Educator Brandon Rodriguez, “Creative constraints are the requirements and limitations we have to address in order to accomplish a goal.” This includes factors such as: Cost Timeline Required materials Availability of materials Technical specifications Current [...]

These are the Top Female Innovators of 2022

Gender equity plays an important role in developing a truly innovative workplace culture. Innovation is six times more likely in companies that offer true equity for everyone. Many well-known innovators are women. Here are some of the top female innovators of [...]