Why is giving to charity better than giving money?

ideabuzz charitiesWith IdeaBuzz, IdeaScale’s new community platform, participants are incentivized by translating time into charitable giving.

To some, charitable giving might seem like no incentive at all. Why is giving to charity better than giving money, you might ask? Why would community members want to be members at all when they could give their time to something that might be more directly beneficial to themselves?

One of the biggest reasons that the charityware concept is successful is that studies have shown that spending money on others can have a better effect on personal happiness than if we spent that money on ourselves. Along those lines, studies also show that people want to give, but aren’t always able to give money. This IdeaBuzz model is an alternative for those who maybe have extra time and knowledge, but don’t have the funds to support a cause monetarily. The model allows organizations and companies who are utilizing the community to feel as though they are making a positive impact as well.

Further, the IdeaBuzz model of charitable contributions allows participants the ability to choose. Community members are able to select which cause they would like their participation to support. Initial IdeaBuzz charities include the Clean Water Action, World Cerebral Palsy Day, Petfinder Foundation, and Ushahidi. Essentially, if there’s a particular field or area that participants are passionate about supporting, there will be an option that will align with those passions. Additionally, a member’s chosen charity is changeable, so members are able to adjust and switch between the causes that they support. After all, everyone appreciates the opportunity to make a choice.

To find out more about IdeaBuzz, including information about how to get involved and start making charitable contributions with your participation, click here.

Why do you think giving to charity is better than giving money?

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