Innovations in Measuring and Managing Drug Addiction Treatment

NIDA-blogThe National Institute on Drug Addiction has issued an exciting new challenge that breaks the boundaries between research specialties to improve the quality of drug addiction treatment. The Challenge, including the official rules and submission criteria, can be seen here:

Group and individual submitters are competing for part of a $100,000 prize pool. “Innovations in Measuring and Managing Drug Addiction Treatment Quality” will accept white papers describing solutions up until June 1, 2015 at Once registered, individuals can utilize the Forum section of the site to build teams that expand the breadth of their knowledge and research background.

The white paper should describe:

•  Novel quality measurement and management system.

•  How the concepts behind this novel system could be used to improve the quality of addiction treatment.

•  The research or other gaps that need to occur for these quality improvements to be established.

•  How these new measurement and management systems might be evaluated.

This challenge is open to anyone, including experts and researchers familiar with as well as those outside of the field of drug addiction treatment. The mission of this Challenge is to expand the knowledge and research that goes into quality measurement and management for addiction treatment. Through Open Innovation, NIDA seeks novel ways to evaluate the quality of treatment so as to improve the evaluation system.

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