Catch Up on IdeaNation 2019 Interviews in the New Year

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Want to catch up on any 2019 IdeaNation podcasts you may have missed before the first month of 2020 flies by? Click the 2019 Open Nation tab on the IdeaScale website to check out all the latest interviews, information, and more.

What Is IdeaNation?

Each year, IdeaScale meets with innovators from all over the globe who gather to share best practices on the management and delivery of ideas. The topics are diverse and offer valuable insight into what it takes to innovate in the ever-changing technological landscape of today.

2019 IdeaNation Topics

Whether you missed some of our great interviews or want to check them out again, you’ll find a diverse range of topics. From training and education to open innovation, support for SMEs and more, it’s all at your fingertips. Here’s a sampling of some of the topics you can find:

Building a Better Mousetrap

Learn how to establish a foundation as a new department from the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Mousetrap team. They delve into their team’s formation and talk about their most successful campaign, which spurred innovation across their organization.

NASA’s Internal Crowd

For the past eight years, NASA has been running an internal crowdsourcing program with great success. This webinar highlights that success and delves into best practices for internal crowdsourcing from the minds at NASA.

Innovation: The Reality-Making behind the Glamour

Innovation is very misunderstood and can turn into a battlefield. Learn about the realities of working in a separate innovation shop in this insightful session.

Flashes of Genius: Learning the Art and Science of Creativity

This talk disproves the idea that creativity cannot happen intentionally or methodically. Learn how to increase the odds of having a flash of genius.

How to Change the Culture of the Military with Crowdsourcing

This topic from the Air Force’s ideation program covers ways of using an ideation platform to upend the military command structure and ensure your voice is heard. Learn how to create value while changing the pace of your organization.

Build Engagement with Ideation to Improve Patient Outcomes

Learn how a grass-roots innovation program engaged a healthcare system in only one year. Find out why the initiative is so important to fulfilling the mission, what led to success, and how team member engagement was affected.

PSA’s Innovation Journey

This session with PSA’s Ken Wong explores PSA’s innovation journey from port authority to global port operator and beyond.  

The Experience and Challenges of a Collaborative Approach

This session is centered around the challenges and experiences of crowdsourcing. Learn how to obtain commitment and engage to move toward a risk-oriented mindset.

IdeaScale: Calculating ROI for Your Open Innovation Program Workshop

Not sure how to calculate the ROI of your innovation programs? This session is a must-see for innovators in every organization.

Calling All Innovation Ambassador Superheroes: Harnessing the Creative Superpowers Around You

This session, which features the Credit Union of Colorado, explores how to harness the power of your great asset, your own people!

Discover Even More with IdeaNation

Of course, these are not the only great IdeaNation podcasts available for review. While you’re on the IdeaNation page, feel free to check out other IdeaNation podcasts and stay tuned for what’s coming in 2020!

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