Building a Culture of Value Creation

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Innovation cultures are essential in the workplace. They help sustain innovation and improve outcomes.

Building value is one of the best methods for ensuring future success. Establish innovation behaviors and norms that create a communicative environment rich in imagination and collaboration.

Innovation should come from the top-down and bottom-up. It is felt in every aspect of an organization and needs proper development to thrive.

IdeaScale will discuss this topic at length in an upcoming webinar, “Building a Culture of Value Creation: The Secret to Making Innovation Inevitable.” Learn how to deliver sustainable innovation while highlighting five essential ingredients needed to create an innovative culture. Make this culture work for your organization so employees are more connected to what they do.

Why An Innovation Culture Is Essential

An innovation culture drives change. Risk-taking is essential for all organizations regardless of size. Leaders need a way to gain momentum that disrupts normal business so change can occur.

Leaders must clearly communicate the need for experimentation and creativity. These attributes should be valued by everyone in the organization so all employees understand their voice is important.

Innovation promotes positive business outcomes. Research shows employee engagement is on the rise, with 34% of employees actively taking part in business processes.

Not all experiments meet with success, but they are all important opportunities to learn. Creating the conditions needed for innovation is the first step to transforming ideas into solutions that matter.

An innovation culture is about creating the right environment. Start with small wins that lead to bigger successes.

Innovative thinking leads to smart risk-taking. When employees feel empowered to share ideas, they focus on answering the most important questions.

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Nurture An Innovation Culture

Allocate resources for innovation. This shows dedication to creating positive change.

Add innovation to the budget. Ideas will have traction when it is time to implement them.

Provide IT support. Everyone in the organization must have working technology to innovate. This becomes even more important when sharing ideas remotely.

Use in-house IT professionals to keep your technology up and running. Outsource other services as needed.

Decide how ideas will be shared and prioritized. Create a process for sifting through ideas and figuring out which to implement, which to save for later, and which to eliminate.

Form a review committee. Members should select the ideas that align best with their business strategy.

Grow your innovation culture. As everyone in the organization adopts the right mindset, the process will continue to improve.

Share the values that encourage innovation. These build your foundation for future success.

Innovation builds an exceptional workplace. In one study, some successful organizations reported that over 70% of employees were ready to outperform their competitors.

Employees who have the freedom to innovate will feel more emotionally connected to their work and one another. Organizational leaders benefit by consistently receiving valuable ideas.

Innovation improves how your company operates. This directly contributes to improving your products and services.

Register for the webinar, and join IdeaScale on January 19, 2021, at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. Learn the five essential ingredients to creating an innovation culture. Hear the success stories of trailblazing companies and gain inspiration for building your own culture of value creation.

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