You asked, We Answered: Questions on Innovation

Drop in on the Q&A portion of a recent innovation conference, sponsored by my colleagues at Visagio. I gave the keynote speech about Seeing Around Corners and the criticality of innovation. Here is an excerpt from the Q&A. Image via

Conversation Mapping

This post is about a meeting method variously referred to as conversation mapping, dialogue mapping, or argument mapping and a software tool that supports it. Conversation mapping is the outgrowth of Issue-Based Information Systems (IBIS), an idea first proposed in

What’s the Purpose?

Purpose.  Goal.  Mission.  You hear these words a lot this time of year.  Not because it’s the start of the annual business planning cycle but because it’s graduation season. Across the country, commencement speakers and wise family members espouse the

All About UC San Diego’s In-House AI Assistant, Triton GPT

In the fast-paced world of academia, efficiency and innovation are key. That’s where TritonGPT comes in. Developed by UC San Diego and housed within the San Diego Supercomputer Center, TritonGPT is an in-house AI-powered assistant tailored specifically for administrative tasks.

Nationwide Survey Reveals State Government User Satisfaction

State governments, in the contemporary digital landscape, aim to furnish citizens with services that are efficient and user-friendly. But how satisfied are people with the services they receive? A recent survey conducted by Qualtrics in collaboration with Code for America

Embracing The Future: How AI is Reshaping Businesses and Industries

In the coming years, Artificial Intelligence will play a transformative role in reshaping industries at an unprecedented pace with disruptive innovation revolutionizing the business landscape. This blog will explore several industries that are on brink of substantial AI-induced transformation and

How to Create Value from Nothing

Doing nothing fuels creativity and innovation, but that fuel is wasted if you don’t put it to use. Idleness clears the mind, allowing fresh ideas to emerge, but those ideas must be acted upon to create value. Why is doing

The Law of Artificial Intelligence: The 8th Law of Nature

Introduction: What is Innovation? Solving problems? Creating solutions? Sometimes there is no problem. Innovation is everything all around us. It is existentialism. This is why I say that innovation is nothing more than the laws of nature. The challenge of